EPA Cuts: Making America Crap Again

When America Was Great

The New York Times points out how much everyone will love the Trump administration’s drastic 31 percent cuts to the budget of the Environmental Protection Administration .

Unless you’re one of those selfish people who still expects clean drinking clean water to come out of your faucet, or if you happen to live near (or enjoy visiting) the Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Champlain, Long Island Sound, Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay, South Florida or the Great Lakes.

You may also have a problem if you’re one of those whiners who live near a contaminated Superfund site that needs cleaned up.

And some of you who made the poor choice of having breasts or who may want to bring a boy child into the world may also be upset if you use “pesticides, plastics, shampoos and cosmetics, cash register receipts, food can linings or other products that contain chemicals called endocrine disruptors that have been linked to breast cancer in women and hypospadias, a birth defect in boys.”

And then you may want to complain if you are one of the few who live anywhere on earth that may be prone to massive floods, giant hurricanes and other storms, catastrophic droughts or other weird weather phenomina.

And that goes for the complainers who care nothing about bringing back that great America where we didn’t have to deal with the incredible burden of breathing clean air or being free of exposure to radiation and pesticides, and the states didn’t have to deal with toxic run-off into our clean and boring waters

And finally, just in case there are some laws or protective regulations left over, Trump’s cuts mean you won’t be able to enforce them anyway.  More black helicopters for the rest of us.

Isn’t that what people wanted when they voted last Fall to Make America Polluted Again?  Oh and jobs, jobs, jobs. Unless you work for EPA (or any other industry that depends on clean air, water or land.)

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