Protecting America’s Workers Act Introduced. Would Strengthen OSHA and Workers’ Rights

protecting workers

Congressman Joe Courtney has introduced a new and improved version of the Protecting America’s Workers Act which significantly expands workers’ rights to participate in improving health and safety in their workplaces, and enhances the ability of OSHA to effectively enforce safe working conditions. 

Undermining Worker Safety — Despite Laws and Shutdowns

worker safety

Regulatory doo doo — to use the technical term — seems to be where the Department of Labor is finding itself these days.  And Democrats in Congress along with the Department of Labor’s Inspector General are not amused. At the request of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Congresspersons Bobby Scott (D-VA), Mark Takano (D-CA), Rosa…

AFL-CIO Calls on White House to Recall OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Update

White House

The AFL-CIO has asked the White House Office of Management and Budget to recall the administration’s rule rolling back workplace injury reporting requirements because the labor federation’s request to meet with administration officials was ignored before OMB approved the final regulation last week. As I wrote last week, OMB approved the apparent regulatory roll-back, but because…

Shot, Stabbed and Assaulted: Violence Against Nurses

Check out this excellent video on workplace violence against nurses by Newsy investigative reporter Patrick Terpstra.                     Aside from the jarring videos of nurses being attacked and the tragic interviews as they recount the attacks and try to recover — physically and emotionally — the video is…