UPDATE: OSHA, the Department of Labor and the Shut Down

OSHA Chaos

Life at the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are in chaos with a growing number of open high-level positions, resignations and Senate failure to move on confirmations. Meanwhile the government shutdown has put a crimp in the leadership’s dream of rolling back regulations. And it doesn’t look to get better anytime soon.

OSHA Update: Bureaucracy, Budget and Leadership Rumors

It’s mid-summer and a man’s fancy turns to what’s happening in OSHA these days.  Let’s update you all before you (and I) head out on vacation: Assistant Secretary: Tomorrow will mark a full 18 months of this administration and still no Assistant Secretary at OSHA. Scott Mugno, who has gone through a Senate confirmation hearing…

OSHA Hearing: OSHA has Great Tools; Please Don’t Use Them. Hearing Report Part 3

The messages to OSHA from the Chamber of Commerce at this week’s House hearing were clear: Don’t (miss)use the General Duty Clause as a substitute for issuing OSHA standards. Don’t issue any OSHA standards. The General Duty Clause: Great Idea, As Long As You Don’t Actually Use It One of the mantras that you hear…