It’s Beginning to Look at Lot Like HanukkahChristmasKwanza: Buy Books

Whatever you celebrate — or if you’re just into Winter Solstice gift-giving, you can give the gift of books to friends and family that you want to indoctrinate into the wonderful world of labor and occupational safety and health. 

They will thank you.

And you will thank me for giving you lots of good ideas. In case you haven’t ventured over the the Resources and Books page of Confined Space (up there at the top), you will find a list of more than 20 books that might educate, activate and change lives. Or at worst, just entertain. Some of them are hard to find (all the more challenging), but others are just a click or two away.

Shop now. You’re already too late for Hanukkah, but there’s always that surprise New Year’s gift.



  1. Should also add Karen Messing’s book, “Pain and Prejudice: What science can learn about work from the people who do it”.

  2. I bought 2 copies of Earl Dotter’s book, one for me and one for my nephew who is a student at Mass Art. Doing my part to inspire the next generation to use their talents for good. (While being mindful the poor kid will have $100K in debt when he graduates).
    Happy Solstice!

  3. Ordered The Radium Girls and the Life of Francis Perkins for Book Club Christmas Exchange. Great suggestions (AND I can borrow them back and read them:-) I had heard about the radium girls as my friend’s grandmother worked at the Ottawa, Illinois plant but didn’t realize there was a book!
    Not really OHS but we read the “Girls of Atomic City” which was a great read and even more fascinating as friends who work in nuclear medicine have been to the (now) nuclear research facility. As a gov’t facility the security was high while in operation – safety precautions not so much.

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