Workers Memorial Day — when people from around the world come together to remember those who have been killed, injured and sickened in the workplace, and re-commit to fighting for safer workplaces — is Friday, April 28.  In the United States, this year will be dedicated to defending the hard-won workplace safety and health accomplishments  workers have gained over the past several years.

The AFL-CIO has developed a Toolkit with sample press releases, event advisories and other tools that people can use to organize local events. The AFL also has a page where you can register your own event or locate events near you.

Meanwhile, across the sea, Hazards Magazine has created a webpage listing international events and guides, factsheets and great graphics and videos.

Even OSHA is still recognizing Workers Memorial Day with a webpage listing events around the country.

So find an event near you — or organize one yourself.

And let me know how it turns out.

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