Immigrant workersI’m not sure that was their intention, but what could make hiring undocumented workers more attractive than passing a law that  “prohibits undocumented workers from receiving payments if injured on the job?”

And that’s not all:  “It also gives employers immunity for injuries suffered by undocumented immigrants except when the worker can prove the employer knew their status,” according to Business Insurance magazine.  They probably aren’t going to call OSHA either.

Well, on Wednesday, the Ohio House of Representatives passed that language in H.B. 27 in a 65-29 vote. The Senate must now consider the legislation. And, of course, the Governor must sign it.

Also benefiting from this bill will be EVERY unscrupulous employer in Ohio, whether they hire undocumented workers or not. Because what better way to convince an injured worker not to file a workers comp claim than to tell them you’re going to fire their ass and hire those illegals across the street who aren’t allowed to get workers comp payments?

It’s kind of a win-win for dishonest employers. Not so much for workers.

2 thoughts on “Ohio Comp Bill Encourages Employers to Hire Undocumented Workers”
  1. Typical republican fuck up. Unintended consequences because they are so bent on marginalizing brown skinned people, they undermine their own race. Golden rule folks: Do unto others….

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