Call Your CongresspersonLabor Secretary Acosta just finished his last hearing before the Senate on the Department of Labor’s FY 2018 budget. We’ll report on that later, but the bottom line is he’s not backing down on the Administration’s proposal to terminate the Susan Harwood Worker Training Grant Program.

Since its inception in 1978, more than 2.1 million working people have completed health and safety trainings under OSHA’s Susan Harwood Grants Program. Now the program may be cut permanently.  So now it’s time to let our Senators and Congresspersons know how we feel about taking important training opportunities away from America’s most vulnerable workers.

To make it easier, Interfaith Worker Justice has put together a petition that you can sign, and that you can post on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

The petition is here:

And they’ve put together a Social Media Toolkit to help you post on Facebook and Twitter here:

So sign and post. And it wouldn’t hurt for you to call your representative as well.

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