Memphis Hall of HonorThese are some of the members of the US Department of Labor Hall of Honor. Which of these is different from all of the other ones? Why? Explain your answer.

10 thoughts on “Game Time: Which One of These Is Different From the Others?”
  1. For fear of being too offensive, I’m not gonna touch that question Jordan. What I would like to observe, however, is that it’s a sorry ass day when Ron Reagan is enshrined within the U.S.Labor Department’s Hall of fame before Franklin Roosevelt makes it there.

    1. Hmmmm. Could it be the Westinghouse subsidiary better known as Ronald Reagan? Sadly, once Reagan is installed in the Labor HOF it may be impossible to ever get him out — even under a Democratic Labor Secretary. Democrats in this town are as terrified of him dead as they were when he was alive. After all, it was Bill Clinton who signed the law renaming the airport after the scumbag and the stamp honoring the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth came out under Obama.

  2. I’ll take a wild stab at it. Reagan – because he is the only person who doesn’t deserve to be in the HOF.
    If there was a Labor HOF in the afterlife, Mother Jones would kick Reagan’s ass when he got there…

  3. Ronald Reagan, he was president of a union. He also busted a union . Him and his twin nightmare Margaret Thatcher who have made life for working people regress to the 1700’s

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