Fox. Pruitt's corporate takeover of EPAWhen EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had the brilliant idea last year to convent a “Red-Team/Blue-Team” exercise to debate the science behind climate change, even climate change believers were skeptical.  We already do “Red-Team/Blue-Team” exercises. They’re called peer review.”

Now it seems that even the White House — especially Chief of Staff John Kelly — want to kill the idea. According to the New York Times,

Their main concern was that a public debate on science — particularly on an issue as politically charged as the warming of the planet — could become a damaging spectacle, creating an unnecessary distraction from the steps the administration has taken to slash environmental regulations enacted by former President Barack Obama

In other words, why let science get in the way of the policy actions you’ve already decided to pursue?

But not to worry. The White House Deputy Press Secretary assures us that “The Trump Administration will ensure that any climate science review will be conducted through a robust, interagency process, consistent with federal law.”

In other words, “Don’t you all worry your pretty little heads about such complicated issues. We got this.”

White House sources say the red team, blue team idea is dead. Pruitt says it’s still being considered. Trouble in paradise? Watch this space….



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