Lots of good union jobs out there. Workers need you!

OSHA is hiring. Uncle Sam Wants YOU! You can check out open positions as well as interviews with real OSHA employees here. And don’t worry if you’re not a super-competent OSH professional.  The job comes with a three-year training process.

Labor Occupational Health Program, Berkeley, CA: The Labor Occupational Health Program, (LOHP) is hiring a program coordinator with program management experience to lead and implement key training, education, research, and other worker-engaged initiatives to improve working conditions. LOHP is a great opportunity to work with vulnerable workers in a progressive state.  More information here.

National Nurses United, Oakland, CA: National Nurses United (NNU), the nation’s largest nurses’ union and professional association, seeks a committed professional who has successfully helped develop politically progressive policies for the position of Regulatory/Policy Specialist in the Oakland-based Health Policy Department.  The job would involve monitoring, interpreting, and assessing proposed legislation and government agency regulations for potential impact on Registered Nurses, public health and safety, and health care policy. Also, developing policy positions, testimony, talking points, and lobbying materials, and preparing regulatory comments on complex registered nurse and health policy issues. More information here.

National Council for Occupational Safety and Health: The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) is hiring a Worker and Network Organizer to contribute to its mission of ensuring safe, healthy working conditions for all workers. The organizer would support a network of worker leaders through outreach, organizing, technical assistance, program development, and engagement. They will play a key role in building capacity and promoting engagement of the COSH Network, including affiliate organizations and partners (labor unions, worker centers, and community-based organizations).  More information here.

Occupational Health Clinical Center, Syracuse, NY: The Occupational Health Clinical Center is hiring an Industrial Hygienist for the Occupational Health Clinical Center (OHCC) who would be responsible to develop, plan, and implement a comprehensive industrial hygiene program within the function and structure of an occupational health specialty clinic serving 16 counties. In this role, the primary function is to develop and implement health and safety programs and participate in occupational disease prevention projects. More information here.

University of California, Davis: The University of California, Davis is hiring a Clinician Peer Educator to work on the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative for Medical Professionals (PERC-med). Please see the news release here.  Apply at UC Davis RECRUIT: recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF04707For primary consideration, please apply by 2/28/22.

The National Coalition for Worker Justice:  The National Coalition for Worker Justice (NCWJ) is hiring a part-time Coalition Coordinator to coordinate a national coalition of workers’ rights organizations including worker centers, immigrant justice organizations, legal nonprofits, local and national policy organizations. NCWJ is led by NELP, NLAN and the Low-Wage Worker Legal Network and focuses on national advocacy for workers in low-wage jobs. More information here.

New Solutions: New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy seeks an editorial assistant to work between 10 and 20 hours per week (depending on experience, and expertise  and workflow during production cycles,). New Solutions is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by SAGE Publications. It has a progressive approach to health, work, and the environment and its contributors are scientists and policy-makers in academia and government, unionists on the shop floor, environmentalists in their many habitats, and advocates and activists on the streets. Contact Darius Sivin, Editor, for more information: newsoleditor@gmail.com

Union Jobs: Finally, if you’re looking for a union job, check out Unionjobs.com.  Lots of good stuff.

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