emailI can’t do much about the quantity of e-mail you get, but I can help you with the quality of your e-mail.

Now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, a little-known form on the right side of this page allows you to sign up to receive e-mails of Confined Space posts directly to your own personal inbox — free! At no cost to you. But only if you sign up today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you feel like it.

“Why,” you ask? What’s the point?

Good question.

You’re all very busy people, doing important things. But I know that there’s no feeling worse than finally climbing into bed at night and suddenly realizing to your shock and horror that you forgot to check Confined Space today! You’re not going to be up-to-date when the new day begins tomorrow morning. You’re a loser.

But now you don’t have remember to direct your browser to Confined Space; Confined Space will come to you.

So don’t delay. Act now. And join the thousands hundreds of others who are already enjoying the pleasure and privilege of watching Confined Space posts arrive in their inboxes all by themselves.  And tell your friends. They will thank you.

P.S. After you sign up, there will be an e-mail in your inbox that will have a link for you to confirm your subscription. (That’s to keep me from spamming you — a thought that would never occur to me.)

And Happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on ““I Don’t Get Enough E-mail” Said No One, Ever”
  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jordan!
    I’ve been an email subscriber since you restarted Confined Space. Essential reading! Thank you!

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