Workers Memorial DayWorkers Memorial Day — when people from around the world come together to remember those who have been killed, injured and sickened in the workplace, and re-commit to fighting for safer workplaces — is Saturday, April 28.  In the United States, this year will be dedicated to fighting back against the Trump administration’s widespread attacks on workplace protections that have been won over the past decades.

All of the accomplishments of recent years —  the silica standard, better recordkeeping, coal dust protections, workplace safety and health research, chemical plant investigations, training grants for vulnerable workers — and future protections like standards to protect workers against workplace violence and infectious diseases are at risk.  The only thing keeping the Trump administration from further undermining worker protections is a strong labor movement, a strong and united Democratic party, and all Americans who think every worker has the right to come home safe at the end of the working day.

The AFL-CIO is making a Workers Memorial Day Toolkit available to assist workers with planned events or activities,. Their theme this year is “Safe Jobs. Every Worker’s Right.”  They’re campaign is  highlighting the progress made, the need to protect hard-won protections from threats and rollbacks and work still to be done. The toolkit can be found here. It includes talking points, sample materials for media outreach, worker safety and health facts, state-by-state safety and health data and other information.

But Workers Memorial Day is not just an American event; it’s world-wide — from Argentina to Zimbabwe. To get a better idea of what’s happening around the world (and an inspiring look at poster art, videos and guides from numerous countries) check out the 28 April website from of Hazards magazine and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

The AFL-CIO has a listing of US events here, and the Hazards map of international events is here.

So find an event near you — or organize one yourself. Workers Memorial DayAnd let me know how it turns out.

2 thoughts on “Workers Memorial Day: April 28”
  1. The Eastern Panhandle CLC had a table with Workers Memorial Day materials and planted a tree at the Earth Day program at Sam Michael’s park in Harpers Ferry WV in memory of those who died. I also said a few words between bands and read the names of the 18 workers who died in 2017.

    I also will be attending and presenting at the CSEA conference in Lake Placid NY. It promises to have amazing turnout.

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