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Do you follow me on Twitter?  Why not? Turns out I’m one of the “12 Workplace Safety Influencers to Follow Right Now,” according to the Corvex Safety blog:

Jordan Barab, a former OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary, is now the author of Confined Space: Newsletter of Health & Safety & Labor Issues. (Link to newsletter here). Since joining in 2010, Jordan has amassed a huge following no doubt thanks to his prolific tweeting habits. His consistent engagement has him tweeting and retweeting breaking news health and safety stories every couple of hours @jbarab.

Who can argue with that?


Don’t Give Me Money

Some of you have noticed that I have a “Donate” button* on the right side of this blog, and some of you have graciously donated. (Thank you!!!). But for now, please don’t give me money. Instead of donating whatever small fortune that you planned to give me, give it to the Democratic candidate of your choice before the November election. After that you can start giving me money again. (And Republican readers: you can just keep giving me money instead of donating to Republican candidates. No point throwing good money after bad.)

That is all.


*In case you’re wondering, I don’t live off of these donations. I use them to buy computer equipment, hire help for the technical aspects of the blog, use it to speak before groups who can’t afford to cover my expenses, and pretend that someone out there likes me.


2 thoughts on “A Word From Our Sponsors”
  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve never contributed, Jordan, but please rest assured that I love Confined Space and admire you stick-to-it-tiveness.

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