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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last night that the House would vote today on whether to impose the Tentative Agreement rejected by several rail unions because the agreement didn’t adequately address scheduling or sick-leave issues.

But facing “substantial frustration” from many labor-friend Democrats, Pelosi has agreed to also schedule “a separate, up-or-down vote to add seven days of paid sick leave for railroaders to the Tentative Agreement.”

That way, they hope it have it both ways: Impose the settlement to avoid a strike, but then be able to tell angry workers that they also support paid sick leave.

The problem is that the paid sick leave vote will be scheduled after the vote to impose the Tentative Agreement, rather than before that vote — or better yet, included as an integral part of the imposed settlement. It is unlikely to satisfy Representatives who are unhappy about the White House’s position.

Call Your Legislators

Now is the time to make your feelings known to your legislators. The sooner the better. If you don’t know who your Congressperson is, you can look it up here. Focus on the House today, the Senate later.

2 thoughts on “House to Vote Today on Imposing Rail Agreement: Make Calls”
  1. “… The big corporations, the monopolies that control America — the robber baron railroads —have again profiteered from the problem they created and shifted the consequences of it on to the railroad workers, the customers, and the general public. This cannot continue. There must be a change.”
    – statement of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees

  2. let them strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these politicians don’t give a fuck about the American people so let them strike and then let the American people sort it out. stolen elections, boys playing girls sports, after school satan worshipping classes, drag queen story time, mandatory vax poisoning. this just might be the nudge needed for the masses to wake up and let them know they work for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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