Tomorrow the President will propose his Fiscal Year 2018 budget — which promises to be good news for pretty much no one who cares about worker protections, the environment, affordable housing, a sane foreign policy, or pretty much anything else that makes life better for people in this country and around the world.

Rumors we have heard from multiple sources: On the chopping block for elimination are OSHA’s Susan Harwood Training grants that provide funding for non profit organizations, including vulnerable workers that OSHA has trouble reaching, and the Chemical Safety Board, a troubled agency that nevertheless does quality root-cause analysis investigations of chemical plant disasters.

Haven’t heard anything reliable about the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or other Labor Department agencies.

In addition, there is still no FY 17 budget. Federal agencies are still operating on a Continuing Resolution that runs out on April 28, and I have heard nothing about where they’re going on that.

We’ll see how accurate these rumors are when the budget is released tomorrow. But remember, the President’s budget is only the first step in the long budget process. Congress ultimately has to approve a budget and they will have their own ideas, some of which could be worse the the President’s budget.

Hearings will be held, Congresspersons and Senators will be going home to (hopefully) listen to their constituents.  There will be much work to be done and plenty of time to raise hell.


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