Immigrant workersA proposal that would have blocked workers compensation benefits for undocumented workers injured on the job was defeated Wednesday in the Ohio state Senate. Last month, by a vote of 65-29, the Ohio House of Representatives passed H.B. 27, which included language giving “employers immunity for injuries suffered by undocumented immigrants except when the worker can prove the employer knew their status.”

As we discussed last month, passage of that bill would have actually made undocumented workers even more attractive for employers because it would have made them — and documented workers — easier to exploit.

The proposal to block undocumented worker from receiving workers comp was opposed by a broad coalition that included the National Employment Law Project, worker centers, the State AFL-CIO, Policy Matters Ohio, the Catholic Conference,  legal aid groups, farmworker organizations, immigrant rights groups, other individuals and organizations.

Put this on the short, but growing list of victories for workers.

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