leadDon’t feel like going out on the town tonight? Too cold, too tired, too old?

Well gather the family around the radio (or computer) and listen to Dr. Kildare as he tackles workplace lead poisoning. Starring Lionel Barrymore and Lew Ayres.  It’s a half hour you won’t want to miss.

It aired on June 8, 1950. Amazing how many things haven’t changed.

2 thoughts on “Radio Night at Confined Space”
  1. An interesting look at workplace health after WWII! Of course, no mention of workers compensation and although employer responsibility is mentioned, the cause was decided to be workers eating in contaminated areas and not washing up. Alice Hamilton was likely yelling at her radio when this was broadcast. Thanks Jordan.

  2. I once saw a picture of a foundry somewhere in S America. ( I forget where.) There was a pitcher of milk on a workbench in a cloud of foundry smoke (lead fumes) It was a great picture!

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